February 7th, 2012 | Approved!

Moving forward...

Moving forward…

This is the day. The day, when I notice, that nobody is actually reading this blog. Oh well, lets just hope that YOU, who’s currently reading this post, is looking it up in the history, because the blog itself has finally become popular. Yes yes, remember this day my son, 7th of February, 2012 is when I, while still being young, got approved for my DV2012 Visa a.k.a. Green Card. Yes yes, it was such a magical feeling, to finally realize that I could still keep dreaming, to not settle for what I’ve had at the moment and push myself forward, hope for better times, great parts and recognition; oh yes yes! Also, to stay poor, spend money for acting classes, voice teachers, headshots, casting websites subscriptions and the rest of the charade.

You see, my boy, when the thought of me not getting Green Card crossed my mind, which would mean I’m not acceptable in US, and then it’s nearly impossible for me to get any other kind of visa too, I got depressed. It used to be my dream, and it’s still is, but now – nobody can take it away from me. After the words: “Welcome to the States”, the motivation was back, and so was I! That was also a great day for this blog, as I decided to keep posting in here more often for people to follow my journey and to find inspiration to follow their own dreams, and I never stopped. Never. Yes yes.

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13 days left…

…to find out if I am going to become a successful actor or not. So, just a quick one, more for myself rather than actually for anybody out there.

I’ve created this blog and wrote 2 posts very enthusiastically, planning on making this a guide for everyone who’s ever going to pack his bags for the same kind of journey I’m going on now. Unfortunately, from some inside source, I’ve received a terrible “hint” – I might not be given a green card after all, even though I’ve won and paid for everything, etc. Why? Well, it’s inside information, so lets leave it this way, especially because it’s not a fact, as is me getting a green card wasn’t a fact too.

Let’s wait and see. If you won’t hear from me ever again – you guessed right, I have hanged myself, as every dedicated actor who’s dream has been ruined would do. However, if I’m blessed with everything that is wonderful about this world, I will update this blog the same day and keep freaking-world-news-website update rate. Honest!

So, just a little less than 2 weeks left to find out, and this is one of those times I wish I would believe in God, but what the hell – he’s screwed me over too many times in the past anyway. Later!

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