Hugh Jackman’s Oscars Opening | Inspiration

“I’ve always felt that if you back down from a fear, the ghost of that fear never goes away. It diminishes people. So I’ve always said ‘yes’ to the thing I’m most scared about.” – Hugh Jackman

I have had so many ideas for great and inspirational blog posts on my way home from work, but as soon as I sat down next to my computer, all of them shot out of my head. Why does this always happen? It doesn’t matter, because today I feel inspired, and the reason for it is Hugh Jackman. As we have previously discussed, my ADD plays a massive part in my everyday life as well as my decisions towards pursuing an acting career. I can get motivated just as easy as I can get discouraged. What has done it this time for me? Observe below.

I’ve never been into Musical Theater, because you don’t really want to hear someone like me sing or dance, but it was always a secret desire of mine. It is something that should be fun to do, especially in front of a big crowd that enjoys this type of entertainment. Watch Hugh perform and all your doubts will disappear. He doesn’t look feminine, not in any way (he did in performing Not The Boy Next Door though, which he did on purpose), while he sings, dances and just performs, like a real actor entertainer. One of the best Oscars openings by far.

30 minute posts daily!

Have you gave “The Artist’s Way” a shot already? If not, you should then. As I have mentioned before, based on the advice by Julia Cameron, I am trying to unblock myself as much as I could and write any kind of nonsense every single day. This morning I thought: “I’m doing this almost everyday, in my hidden-from-the-world Word document, just for myself; why not drop a few meaningless lines onto my blog?” and an hour later, there we go – a meaningless blog post coming alive. I am sure none of my three daily readers would mind a few empty paragraphs on a daily basis, seeing as there haven’t been any updates for two weeks now anyway. Again, lets see how long can I keep this up. A day, or two, or maybe be insane and go a whole week?..

If anybody will ever read this, give me a shout and let me know what you think of Hugh Jackman’s performance. Does this kind of stuff inspires you, or discourages you? Would you like to see more articles with personal inspirations for the day?

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3 thoughts on “Hugh Jackman’s Oscars Opening | Inspiration

  1. Hey man! As a fan of Hugh Jackman, it’s pretty wicked to see such tough guy from X-Men sing and dance on stage; he has a great variety of roles. I think he’s super talented. And as an actor, I think it’s artistically inspiring to see this. It’s a good reminder that this acting thing really is just a job, so your roles can vary from one movie to another drastically; unless you let the industry type-cast you. And Hugh is handling it like a pro.

    • Hi there. My thoughts exactly man! Seeing Hugh go from showing off his muscles and claws to singing and dancing on stage, I have nothing but massive respect for this versatile actor and just talented guy. Motivational.

  2. Hugh Jackman was one of my favorite Oscar presenters. So much fun. As a kid I always wanted to become a musical start but soon realized that I can’t sing or dance….

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