First ever step onto the US land | Scouting

Do you remember how I told you about my Green Card? Of course not, because for one, nobody is reading this blog, and second – I haven’t even written anything else since then, so I’m not complaining.

I have to use my visa for Green Card until 1st of August, and I’m coming to US this July to consummate this marriage with my almost-citizenship. This trip will become half travelling and enjoying myself, and half scouting. I’m still on the edge if I’d like to move to NYC or LA, therefore this will be a great opportunity to check out these cities and find out which one sells cheapest burritos. Or maybe I’ll just get drawn to somewhere like San Francisco, become a hippie and start thinking only about world peace. Off topic, as usual…

So I land at JFK tomorrow – for the first time ever I will touch the holy US soil, and I’m pretty excited, I have to say. How? I don’t think I have ever been this excited in my life. And I’m not even moving there, yet. The plan is to go where the eyes will lead me, but I will definitely have to look around New York and Los Angeles, then maybe have some me-time in Las Vegas, San Francisco and somewhere else. I know there is no point of doing anything acting-related, when I’ll be in LA for 2-4 days, so I’ll just look around the neighborhoods, check out the overrated Hollywood sign, take a picture of James Dean star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (obviously!), and the rest of the banal stuff.

I know this isn’t a big deal acting-wise, especially anyone born in the states, but it is for me. It was, and is a dream. Even if I’m going to do any mailings, meet with agents, go to a class or even take headshots, this will be a HUGE inspiration for me. Seeing Tinseltown for the first time ever in my life is a pretty big deal. Damn, if I’d look like Brad Pitt, I’d probably just drop there with 300 bucks, drive through McDonalds and straight into Burbank; get a job as prostitute’s driver and wait for my big break (his bio reference). However for now, lets keep it simple and make it a marathon, instead of a… well, you know. NYC tomorrow, look out for your next big name!

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2 thoughts on “First ever step onto the US land | Scouting

  1. DiscoStu

    You’ve got a reader in me! Hope you continue updating. Best of luck.

  2. Hello DiscoStu. Thank you for your comment. I’m back writing now, and I hope I still have a reader in you man!

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