New job = new savings account!

Savings "Move to LA"

I'm going to need a much bigger jar...

Alright alright, so it’s not a new job, it’s a job. I haven’t worked for some time, so I guess it wouldn’t be fair to say I’ve changed jobs, unless, of course, playing guitar, reading books and playing Call of Duty can be considered a career investment. Oh man, I wish it could be.

Anyway, congratulations to myself, as of yesterday my persona is officially labeled “Payments Administrator”. Somehow, without any degree or any experience in this sort of field what-so-ever, I have jumped up the career ladder one step higher, and didn’t have to start at the very bottom, which is very weird (it’s probably my Eastern European charm). Who knows, maybe after a while I’ll change my mind and give up my acting career goals for this one?.. … …made myself laugh there a little bit. It’s a good pay though, not the best schedule, but manageable, and it’s going to be great source for my “Move to LA” savings account (yes, that is how I actually named it in my online LLoyds bank account) for the year to come.

For every actor out there, bear in mind guys, that from what I hear, as soon as you come to La-La-Land, first thing you have to do is find a job. It doesn’t matter what job is it – cleaner, waiter, manager, banker or Governor’s consultant – just any source of income! Try to spend as less money from your savings as possible, those should be left there for darker times, when they’ll arrive (and don’t worry, they WILL strike down upon thee, with great vengeance and furious anger!)

Another thing is that it isn’t easy to find a good, and especially flexible job in Tinseltown. The main reason is because every actor out there is after this kind of job, and as you probably know (if you have done your research, which you should’ve) there is a lot of them. One thing that is going to be asked from you is experience. Yes, same old “how do you get experience without getting a job” – well, don’t start screaming in that sarcastic voice, because we are all in the same boat, and most of us somehow manages to get a job or two. So it’s doable. What I would suggest (and what I did), when you are still in a planning stage of moving to Angeltown and have an opportunity to pick what kind of job you’re after, try to get something that you would like to work later too (acting excluded). I myself was trying to go after one of the two – bartender or customer service. I couldn’t get bartender, but I got something similar to CS, so I hope to hold in there for as long as I need to, and then bring the experience as well as letter of recommendation, reference, with me to City of Angels. Hopefully that will put me slightly above anyone without what I’ve got, and that’s half a battle won there.

I guess the best way to spend your free time out of work and training before going to your dream city is to research, research, and then research more. “Knowledge is power“, as Sir Bacon said, and it definitely applies here.

In other news, I’m now listening to some classical Vivaldi and Beethoven and loving it. Can’t get enough of “Four Seaons”, damn!

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