13 days left…

…to find out if I am going to become a successful actor or not. So, just a quick one, more for myself rather than actually for anybody out there.

I’ve created this blog and wrote 2 posts very enthusiastically, planning on making this a guide for everyone who’s ever going to pack his bags for the same kind of journey I’m going on now. Unfortunately, from some inside source, I’ve received a terrible “hint” – I might not be given a green card after all, even though I’ve won and paid for everything, etc. Why? Well, it’s inside information, so lets leave it this way, especially because it’s not a fact, as is me getting a green card wasn’t a fact too.

Let’s wait and see. If you won’t hear from me ever again – you guessed right, I have hanged myself, as every dedicated actor who’s dream has been ruined would do. However, if I’m blessed with everything that is wonderful about this world, I will update this blog the same day and keep freaking-world-news-website update rate. Honest!

So, just a little less than 2 weeks left to find out, and this is one of those times I wish I would believe in God, but what the hell – he’s screwed me over too many times in the past anyway. Later!

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