Motivated actors

MotivationI very often ask myself (not out loud) if acting is what I really want to do for the rest of my life? Is it something that’s worth quitting University, living off bread and water to save up money, to avoid further education and experience that might possibly be useful when looking to get a better paying job, etc? Yes – I give the answer to myself – without having a reason to support this answer. I’m not going to lie – I don’t answer in an instant, I think for a second or two, and I do have my doubts and the realist inside of me sometimes won’t let me go off easily. I guess that might be the “reasonable” part of my brain talking to me, because I always used to be a rational person, always seeking for something that’s scientifically proved rather than having a lot of unreasonable support from “believers” (yes, a religion reference).

According to SAG, there’s like 90% of unemployed actors in Los Angeles. If I would call myself a person with a rational mind, I wouldn’t be going after this occupation, would I? So this is the only exception, where I feel that my ambitions, my motivation, my desire and my passion for accomplishing this lifetime goal is greater than any rational mind, any reasonable thinking and especially statistics. Or I’m just ignorant, because I chose to be.

Motivation is what drives every actor forward, pushing him/her to get out of home and do something for the better of their future career when they just finished 12 hour night shift at Starbucks. I personally seek inspiration constantly, every day, throwing some more wood into the fire – it allows me to always have passion within myself, to never let the fire fade away, to keep accomplishing smaller goals in life that lead to bigger ones. If it’s something that you really want to do, finding something that inspires you is very easy: quotes, motivational audios, films, blogs, biographies, songs, books, scripts, activities, documentaries… I can go on and on with this list, even though these are more or less forced motivations. Still, it takes very little to set yourself up for something great.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~ Zig Ziglar

That motivation that you force upon yourself probably isn’t going to be working if you use that constantly. It’s like caffeine – it pumps you up for some time, but then you get used to the feeling and it barely affects you. Motivational things mentioned above should be used once in a while, in between actual “bathing”. We get natural motivation from just relaxing, breathing, thinking about life, what we did and what we are going to do, what is happening at the moment – and if that drives you forward, doesn’t make you want to quit, you can almost be sure that you are destined for this (not that I believe in destiny, but it seems like this word fits in here), and basically – YOU CAN DO THIS.

And fuck statistics, most of them aren’t accurate anyway!

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One thought on “Motivated actors

  1. Love love love this blog!

    And as yoda said “There is no try. Only do or do not.” That is one daily motivator I think of as I bathe.

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