the City of AngelsSo here we are, 1st of January – new year, new resolutions (as usual). First things first: I’m a 22 year old guy from Lithuania, looking to break into the so competitive industry of show business. That’s about as much info as I can give you, but it should be enough to get as all started with this blog and see where it takes us.

So my New Year’s resolution was to start writing this blog that will accompany me on this journey to Tinseltown (a.k.a Hollywood) in the City of Angels (a.k.a Angeltown, La-La Land, LA, Los Angeles). This should be fairly easy as long as I have some stuff to write about or any questions I’d get or ask myself.

I’m a pretty laid back fella and might end up writing here anything that’s on my mind if my identity isn’t known. Yet. The plan of becoming a working actor (not necessarily a star of any sort) has been in progress since around 2006 only. I didn’t grew up thinking I will become an actor, this ridiculous dream locked me in much later.

As for experience, I’ve done loads of school plays and some community theater back home in Lithuania, as well as quite a few student films. Nothing commercial or serious though. I’ve always been more of a jock than an artsy person, so didn’t devote enough time to actually seek acting experience, which I now regret massively. In 2009 I moved to UK – because USA was out of the question without a visa – and began studies on my Acting degree. Another mistake, by the way, which I do not regret as much as I got quite a lot out of it. I’ve studied for 2 years, finished with good grades, and then quit. Why? To act. Yes, you do not get to act much on the course, which was really boring; so I just stayed in UK, found a job and began doing some amateur plays and student films during every second of every day of my off-work time.

The most important part, which will also answer the question “How are you going to move to LA then?” is that I won a Green Card. First try, won twice (as the first draw was voided). I guess that’s destiny, haha. I have an interview some time in the upcoming months in the US embassy, in Vilnius. I don’t worry too much about that, as I’ve been told it’s just a formality.

So, let’s see what life throws at me during this journey towards achieving the dream. Feel free to subscribe or check this blog once in a while, especially those who might have a similar goal in life. I’m planning to share as much information as I possibly can!

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